Thursday, October 22, 2015

My 30 for 30

On Oct 12, 2015 I turned 30! I can't believe I am 30. Actually saying that I am 30 means I am officially grown. Well, at lease in my mind, I feel that people won't queston me as much because I'm 30. Now, the only thing is I don't look 30. People don't even think I am 25. Its Genetics. Thank you Momma Daddy! I enjoy getting older because I'm like fine wine, I only get better with time. I do have a few grey hairs. I can't hang all night like I use to. My body doesn't recover as fast, but it's all good. I feel my best years has yet to come.  

I decided to do a 30 for 30. 30 things I do, use, and learned in my 30 years of life. They say the longer you live the more you learn and it's true. 

My 30 for 30

  1. Jesus is the only way. 
  2. Aquaphor is my go to for everything 
  3. Limit your inner circle 
  4. Have more than one circle
  5. Change hurts 
  6. The does body change 
  7. Everyday is a blessing
  8. True results are in the details 
  9. Make time for you
  10. You are important 
  11. Be authentic 
  12. Be intentional 
  13. Everything is choice 
  14. Choose wisely 
  15. Moisturizing keeps your skin 
  16. Drink plenty of water 
  17. Eat with moderation in mind 
  18. Lifting is important for EVERYONE!!! 
  19. Just be you
  20. It's ok to not be ok 
  21. The best thing you can wear is confidence 
  22. Always forgive 
  23. Always be willing to serve 
  24. Smile 
  25. Pray all the time and about everything 
  26. Respect everything and everybody 
  27. We are all equal 
  28. Pull someone up with you
  29. Reply to messages and RSVPs
  30. Give God all the Thanks and Glory!

I hope you enjoyed m 30m for 30. I hope you can learn something from what I have learned. 

Until Next Time